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Vacanza a Pozzuoli


July is kickin in, it’s time to pick the perfect holiday!

Campania Food & Travel suggests a special destination for your holidays: Campi Flegrei, perfect for families.

The city dates back 529 a.c. and it was founded by the name of “Dicearchia”. The Romans later renamed is as “Puteoli”.

Pozzuoli is today a renowned touristic site and it’s well known for the bradyseism phenomenon. The pressure exerted by the gases in the underground lifts and lowers periodically the height of the city compared to the water level.

There’s a lot to see in pozzuoli!

Rione Terra

Rione Terra was one of the oldest human settlements. Here you’ll visit the underground city trough and archaeological path that will show you the ancient town.

You’ll admire the archaeological remains dating back different eras: ancient ovens, old parlors and magazines.

Serapide’s Temple

The temple, so called because of a statue found in the middle of the area, was actually a Macellum, an ancient market.

Today the building is used as an instrument to measure the seismic activity in the area. In Fact the basement of the temple is directly connected to the natural subterraneans placed deep into the sea.

When the brady seismic activity is passive, the city lowers below the water level, thus the floor of the temple lowers too, becoming submerged by water.

Flavium Amphiteatre

The Amphitheatre was built by emperor Vespasiano.

Inside theatre shows, concerts and gladiators fights took place.


Solfatara is an active volcano in Pozzuoli.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t look like a volcano at all. It’s not a mountain, but a valley of warm soil. And inside it there are proper “lakes” of boiling mud (unpleasantly smelling, I must admit).

Still, it’s fascinating. Pozzuoli is rich in historical, cultural and artistic value. And there’s a lot you could visit during your stay.

Included in the Deal: 

7 nights stay in a B&B;

Entrance Tickets to 4 archaeological sites;

1 meal made of local delicacies.





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