Salerno: a journey between sea history and ancient villages

Salerno is the largest of Campania’s  provinces: the province of Salerno includes  Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, Paestum, Palinuro and logically the city of Salerno:  in short famous cities in international tourism.amalfi_salerno_campania
A country rich in rural traditions enclosed in the valley of the Sele and Picentini Mountains.
But  is the Cilento region  is , together with Amalfi Coast, to best represent Salerno province: Tourism lands where all the main locations are on the sea and north bordering Naples.
But the undisputed master is the sea and those who want the beautiful sea go to Cilento: Palinuro, Ascea, Castellabate, Casalvelino, Pisciotta, Marina di Camerota.


Coming by highway  into the province of Salerno and then moving to the sea,  you’ll immediately notice that the economy of this province relies on agriculture and tourism: kilometers and kilometers of cultivated fields on the left and kilometers and kilometers of beaches on the right, dotted by medieval towns and villages from the mountains overlooking the sea.
Every summer from May to September, the Cilento and Amalfi Coast welcome thousands and thousands of tourists who flock to every corner of the beach and in the evenings fill  alleys and streets of the small villages of the province.
santa-maria-castellabate_campania_califanoThis is the province of Campania with the highest rate of vacationers, surpassing even numbers of Ischia and Sorrento. Tourists come here from all over Europe, especially Germany and Sweden.
Another element that is not lacking in this beautiful land are the typical products: above all the buffalo mozzarella from Battipaglia, which counts among its flagship products the “Zizzona Battipaglia” from 1 to 5 kg of pure goodness. But very tasty are all the typical local vegetables and meats.

Who will decide to take their holidays on the coast of Cilento , will find himself in the midst of celebrations and festivals of all kinds, all made from food. Every village and every town in the summer months  hosts such a large amount of festivals that tourists will come to know different customs and costumes almost every day.

Salerno, however, is not just sea and food, but it is a province that offers so many experiences, not only culinary but also artistic, cultural and natural.paestum-salerno_campaniafoodetravel
Absolutely to visit are the Temples of Paestum and the archaeological area of Velia, Certosa di Padula and the Amalfi Cathedral. For tourists who like archeology, history and art surely these are places of exceptional beauty not to be missed. All immersed in the green countryside of Cilento, except the Cathedral of Amalfi, hidden by buildings, is located in the center of the ancient city .
You will indeed struck by the beauty of the Certosa di Padula or the majesty of the Cathedral of Amalfi, not to mention the Temples of Paestum, still intact and visibly perfect in their solemnity.

The tourist offer is so remarkable and those who enjoy   “green ” holidays will be able to find peace of mind and balance in the paths that run along the Picentini  Mountains and way down the beach, or stay in one of the many farmhouses nestled among mountains and hills to practice whil fun sports such as hiking, rafting, biking or hang gliding.
Boat trips and horseback excursions, parties, beach, temples and even caves will be the sweet outline of a memorable holiday.grotte di castelcivita_salerno_califano

The holiday in the province of Salerno should be at least 15 days, though the custom has it that all the Cilento has become the basis of staying in apartments and villa for at least one month (for those who can afford it), but the province is so varied that you will not tire of such a long stay!

But some advice: be patient with Cilento people … are a little ‘ “capatosta” ( i.e. stabborn) , but then when you know them you realize that they are exceptional people.

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