About Us

It is the brand of the property Journeys of Jack Sparrow

(I Viaggi di Jack Sparrow) of Naples .

And  “the brand” dedicated to the Territorial Tourist promotion of Campania .

The Tour Operator of the ” Selfies ” , the Street Food Napoletano,

the ” Excellencies  of Campania “

Above-is-the-“logo-lucky charm”  for excellence :

It consists of  4 ” superstitious figures” such as the Neapolitan tradition :

The Horseshoe

The horns

the Horn

The ” Capa ” of San Gennaro

We want to make known to the tourists who come to stay with us , that Campania is made up of 5 beautiful Province: Naples , Caserta , Avellino, Benevento , Salerno .We’ll have to introduce you to small country towns, fairs and festivals and we will explore places that others do not on have never proposed . 

Proposals to stay in Campania are enclosedin 4 large tourist offers :

Eno Tour – Gastronomic 

Cultural tour 

sports tourism 

Festivals Celebrations Events

Coming in Campania can taste exceptional winesas Falanghina, Greco di Tufo , the Lacryma ChristiBut also go with the backpack on his shoulders ” mouth ” Vesuvius , or cross the Grotto of Sejanus . For the more adventurous we offer hiking trails , bike tours , canoeing , diving for the whole Campania .5 provinces , 5 wonderful places to learn accompanied by our expert local guides with a lot of regional card .


Focus on quality , 100 % emotions , and very good food are the right ingredients for traveling with us ! I wait for you in the land that gave birth illustrious …to illustrious men !


Enjoy Your Visit!


Enrico piratinviaggio Campania (Food  & Travel Instagramer)


Autore dell'articolo: enrico76

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